Kakigori Strawberry at Snow Wish Dessert Cafe’


Strawberry sauce on top of snowflake ice and sprinkle on top with pop strawberry and strawberry sauce

Some people prefer eating dessert to the main course and I’m the one of them. Kakigori Strawberry is rich in the ingredients of strawberries. It’s the one that I really love. Snowflake ice is soft and sweet, pop strawberry is crumbly in my mouth, sprinkle on top with strawberry sauce give little sour taste. I couldn’t stop eating it because it’s so scrumptious.


Shabu at Shabuzab Robinson Burirum


Adult ฿199.00
Kid ฿99.00

Japanese food buffet, For people, who love in Shabu and want to hang out with friends.

Shabuzab is Japanese food buffet in I-san food style with a wide selection such as meat, vegetable, Sushi, Chinese food, seafood, salad bar, dessert bar, etc. A good variety of food but my stomach can’t handle too much buffet, it’s worth with bon vivant but all were exquisite!

Blue Hawaii & Chicken and Chips at A Day Awesome

14627697_1109894649064907_1471500388_nBlue Hawaii ฿39.00
Chicken and Chips ฿49.00

Roast chicken with crispy French fries served with tomato sauce and mayonnaise

Blue Hawaii make me fresh like staying in Hawaii. Chicken and Chips, some says it’s the junk food but I don’t care. LOL. These couple is crispy and when dip tomato sauce or mayonnaise, oh, it’s so flavorful!

Pat Ga Prao Moo Sap Kai Dao at More Milk


Spicy stir fried minced pork with basil leaf topping egg on rice

Sometimes, when I go to a restaurant and I have no idea what I want to order, Pat Ga Prao is a dish that comes to the rescue! Pat Ga Prao Moo Sap Kai Dao at More Milk, It was rather spicy, but it’s the taste that I like.